What Do You Wear To A Wedding

You got the invitation for your friends' wedding and found the perfect wedding gift when suddenly it hits you. What are you going to wear?

The etiquette for proper wedding guest attire varies greatly depending on the style of the wedding. You'll have to do a little sleuthing but fear not. Even if a dress code (black tie, casual, etc.) isn't blatantly written on the invitation, there are clues everywhere.

What's the Wedding Style?

Start with the invitation. Is it in flowing engraved black script on a heavy cream paper with formal language? Odds are the wedding will be similarly formal. Does it cheekily ask you to come see them get hitched? Don a somewhat casual outfit and you'll fit right in.

Where is the wedding set? If the ceremony will be held outdoors avoid anything that will get caught in the wind. Avoid high heels that will sink into sand and grass. If it's being held in a hot location, avoid a heavy suit and dark colors and go with linens to help you keep your cool. Will it take place indoors at a swanky country club or restaurant? Make your outfit slightly more tailored and dressy.

Some wedding guest may prefer to rent their wedding attire, and there are a variety of rental options available. For women, I recommend checking out Rent the Runway as they have a variety of options for different formal occasions.

For men, I recommend checking out Men's Warehouse for formal tuxedo rentals. You can choose to customize your look or rent any of their pre-styled looks.

Daytime Wedding

For Her:

  • A pretty floral dress
  • A skirt and a sweater set
  • If it's summertime, a light colored suit, avoid dark colors and anything that makes you look like you're ready to go to work
  • Heels, sandals or slingbacks
  • A beautiful hat that coordinates with your outfit
  • For Him:

  • A light colored suit, especially in linen or seersucker
  • If it's cool outside, a wool suit, a sweater, and tie underneath a blazer
  • A navy blazer with charcoal pants
  • A button-up shirt, tie and pants dressed up with a blazer
  • If it's formal, wear a dark suit, tuxedos are not appropriate before 6:00 p.m.
  • Evening Wedding

    For Her:

  • Dress as you would if you were going out to the theater or a fancy dinner
  • A cocktail dress, nothing too sexy, but something fun to dance in.
  • Black is fine, but white is considered impolite
  • A dressy suit or a cocktail suit
  • Dark, sophisticated colors
  • Avoid beads, sequins, and sparkles unless the invitation specifically says "black tie."
  • For Him:

  • A dark suit is always appropriate
  • If casual or semi-formal, a blazer and slacks with a nice tie
  • Black-tie Optional

    For Her:

  • A cocktail dress, perhaps floor-length
  • For Him:

  • A dark suit. Dress as formally as you can.
  • If you have a tuxedo, or just like wearing one, by all means, do so.
  • Black Tie

    For Her:

  • A formal dress, usually floor-length
  • Nothing too constricting, as you'll be dancing
  • Accessorize with beaded purses, fancy wraps and formal jewelry that have been waiting for an occasion such as this.
  • For Him:

  • A tuxedo is the only appropriate thing to wear. If it says "creative black tie," still wear a tuxedo, perhaps paired with a black shirt
  • What Not to Wear

    Now that you know what you should wear to a wedding, here is what you absolutely should not wear:

  • White. This rule has relaxed some, and you can get away with wearing a printed dress with a white background and some cream colored clothing, but it's still better to be safe than sorry, so choose a different color.
  • Jeans, no matter how casual the wedding
  • Black to a daytime wedding
  • Anything too sexy or revealing
  • Anything torn, with holes, stained, too big or too small
  • Anything sleeveless or strapless to a religious wedding. Bring a wrap or jacket to cover your shoulders.